Scott Dolly



Scott is the owner/CEO and founder of Evolution Human Performance and Rehabilitation. Scott is tremendously passionate about life, training, practicing and growth. He absolutely loves to help people heal, discover, perform and EVOLVE!

Scott completed his Master’s degree in Athletic Training at Shenandoah University in Winchester Virginia, where he graduated with honors. He was awarded both the PEART award for his leadership and was also awarded the Most Outstanding Graduate Award.

Scott is one of the top sports performance and rehabilitation specialists in the field today. He specializes in movement analysis and biomechanics, as well as, myofascial release and I.A.S.T.M (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization). Scott has been featured in Advance Magazine for his myofascial release protocols utilizing IASTM. Read more here.

Scott is a national and international educator and lecturer. He presents on a wide range of topics relating to human movement, performance and rehabilitation. Below is a list of the companies that Scott works with and some of the topics he lectures on.

Runga LogoRUNGA is multi-day optimization retreat where attendees get to hang-out, learn and train with top professionals in their fields. Scott was selected by the founder of RUNGA to be one of the “RUNGA-Rockstars”. Scott is a group leader and educator for this retreat. Scott lectures on movement theory and analysis, repetitive stress syndromes, and running biomechanics. He also provides round-table discussion on Nutrition and Mindset. 

Healthy Running LogoScott also serves as professor and educator for the Denver Colorado based company Healthy Running. Healthy Running is a continuing education company that provides CME’s and CEU’s on a multitude of topics at 2-3 day seminars that span the United States. Scott lectures on: Movement Biomechanics, Gait and Running Analysis, Cellular Respiration and Metabolic Conditioning, Advanced Program Design, Nutrition, Aging/Recovery and Overtraining, Posture/Stability and Mobility, Muscle Activation Patterns and Motor Sequencing, and more.

HawkGrips LogoScott is an IASTM educator and instructor for HawkGrips. HG IASTM courses are hosted all over the United States and are CEU approved for medical healthcare providers. Scott has also written his own IASTM courses and hosts courses at Evolution.

Spartan Race LogoIn 2016, Spartan Race reached out to Scott and requested his services for their pro-athletes. Scott travels to select Spartan Race events including the World Championships at Tahoe and works with SR’s Pro-Team of athletes in the days leading up to the race and during the race itself. He provides movement analysis and coaching, IASTM and myofascial release, and acts as a consultant for advanced program design.

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