“Scott Dolly is one of the smartest humans and most capable healers I’ve met. Whether he’s talking biomechanics, programming, or anatomy, Scott’s knowledge is second to none, and his ability to communicate these concepts in simple terms is uncanny. His ability to marry Eastern and Western modalities makes for a truly integrative and effective healing practice. One of the best people and practitioners out there.”

— Ryan Munsey

“Scott Dolly is, bar none, one of the most intuitive, educated and gifted bodyworkers I have ever encountered. This dude’s hands are pure magic, and he knows how to use both modern tools and proven traditional techniques to absolutely reinvent your entire body. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He will change your body and your life for the better.”

— Ben Greenfield

“As a person who had been running for many years, I thought I was in pretty good shape. Then I joined EVO and discovered I had so much to improve in my general fitness and – I couldn’t believe it – even my running form!  After attending EVO for a year, I’m in the best physical shape of my adult life. Not only am I stronger and more “supple,” but EVO has also taught me about functional movement, how to best use my body in daily activities, improving my body’s overall performance while reducing the risk of injury. The EVO coaches are fantastic and knowledgeable, and they adapt workouts to individual circumstances. I highly recommend EVO to anyone who is looking to improve general fitness, overcome a nagging injury, or learn more about functional body movement.”

— Aaron Blight

“In November of 2016, I joined Evolution after visiting all the area’s gyms. There were many reasons I chose Evo, but paramount was the emphasis on mobility in their daily work-outs, and what one coach called “prehab,” a method of preparation so as to avoid injury, as opposed to rehabbing after one. Many of the facilities I visited were occupied by those who seemed to accept that injury was unavoidable and part of the lifestyle. My fitness goal was and is simple – die young at a very old age. I want to be able to move free, unimpinged, and live healthy for the entirety of my life and Evo is the facility to help my realize that goal. 

I’ve gained help with everything from my diet to my posture and have received first-class coaching from terrific certified instructors. My strength has increased by at least 20% in all movements (33% in my back squat – 215 to 285, I’m happy to report), my metabolic conditioning has drastically improved, and most importantly I’ve stayed healthy in the 15 months I’ve been a member. 

I did manage to pull a muscle by executing a lift with poor mechanics; however, I was only out for a week or so due to Scott Dolly’s and Dr. Matchett’s IASTM treatments. The soft tissue work these guys do is almost magic. Within a couple of days, I was right back to work, no worse for the wear.

The members and coaches are extraordinary. I’ve been extremely fortunate to witness members progress toward the reality of their goals and do so in a healthy and safe manner and watch the coaches push, correct, inspire, and motivate. It’s a pleasure to be a part of such a great community that fosters camaraderie, support, accountability, and friendship.”

— James Myers

“I joined Evo a little over a year ago because my husband and teenage children were working out there and I was missing all the fun!  Even though I work out every day (Jazzercise instructor), at first each thing I learned and did at Evo was new to me.  I quickly realized that my Evo workouts were making me a much better Jazzercise instructor.  The first thing I noticed, after learning to really engage my glutes, was how much higher I was jumping during my dance moves.  Then as I learned and practiced muscle activation sequencing and better movement patterns, all of my movements started to become stronger and more precise.  In addition, my Jazzercise customers are benefitting from my Evo knowledge as I share what I learn with them, helping them with functional and safe movement.  And the best part of it all is that I have accomplished and continue to accomplish things I really had no idea I could do!  My mobility is better, my body feels better all the time, and I can even do push ups!”

— Rebecca Gibson

“Evolution Human Performance and Rehabilitation completely changed the way I look at exercise, mobility, and wellness. Before I began training at Evo I consistently trained in the gym but really had little idea how to hit the goals I set out for myself. It was always a dream to deadlift 500 pounds and be able to run a mile in under 6 minutes. This is difficult to achieve because of the trade off between strength and speed; if one increases the other usually decreases, or so I thought. At the time I wasn’t even aware of how inflexible my body was and how much that limited me from hitting any of my fitness goals. The team at Evo taught me how to stretch properly, warm up well, and place an emphasis on mobility. With this came better posture and greater overall strength. They also showed me how to incrementally maximize my work capacity to produce greater endurance and stamina. The coaches at Evo are outstanding. They set me on a fitness path I never could have found without their direction, and in December I hit my deadlift and run goal, largely due to the foundation they led for me which I will carry with me for life. I cannot recommend Evo highly enough for anyone on their own fitness journey.”

— Ryan Dalton

“I started the workout cycle with very little actual experience with weight lifting, especially deadlifts. My workouts were all mainly body weight exercises and cardio. I was actually terrified of even trying deadlifts with a lot of weight. Many of my friends have hurt their backs badly while deadlifting and I didn’t want to be one of those casualties. It really wasn’t until I started coming to EVO and working with the coaches here on all the proper techniques that I started to feel comfortable. At first, the amount of weight I was putting up was pretty low compared to my body weight. After a few months of going through EVO’s training cycle, I was putting up 360lbs for my deadlifts which I never thought I would be able to do. Now that I’m back home in Chicago, I still follow the WODs that EVO puts out because that’s where I’ve seen my best results.”

— David Silva



Evolution Human Performance & Rehabilitation is a fitness training facility with an all-encompassing approach to total physical well being. Visit our Facebook page and follow us to keep in touch.

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1 week ago

Evolution Human Performance and Rehabilitation

Embracing the cold (and the good vibes)! 🤙 As EVO prepares to host a Wim Hof Method Workshop on Saturday, June 23rd, we can’t help but look back on an incredible day this past April when several of us travelled to VA Beach to not miss out on a Wim Hof Method (WHM) Workshop with Dutch ice-water free diver and Wim Hof Method Instructor, Kiki Bosch and hosted by our friend Ryan Munsey of The Better Human Project podcast. Great day of learning, practice and comraderie! 🙏

EVO is stoked to share the WHM experience with attendees here in Winchester, VA in a little over a week! There are still some spots available - Sign up at bit.ly/2xcmrMk or message us at evosnc@gmail.com to register. Our workshop will be led by WHM Instructor and author of “Hacking Your Nervous System” Rob Hartman and Scott Dolly of EVO. #breathingmethod #mindset #coldexposure #bodyadaptation #consciousbreathing #increasedenergy #decreasedstress #immunesystemboost #wimhofmethod #innerpower #meditation #committment #icebath #innerfire #embracethediscomfort #primalbrain
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Can’t you just feel the love? (We think it might be breech.) Deadlifts and a DBall MetCon in today’s WOD here at EVO! 🌞Summer memberships and personal training with one of our E.P.I.C certified coaches available. Message us at evosnc@gmail.com to get started! #DBallhug #summergains #dballhold #dball #metcon #strengthandconditioning #corestrength #groupclasses #personaltraining #evostrong #epiccoaching #schoolsoutforsummer #evolutionhpr #winchesterva ... See MoreSee Less

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3 weeks ago

Evolution Human Performance and Rehabilitation

EVO is very excited to be hosting a Wim Hof Method Workshop on Saturday, June 23rd 11:00am- 4:30pm with Scott Dolly of Evolution Human Performance & Rehabilitation and Wim Hof Method Certified Instructor, Rob Hartman.

Photos below are from a Wim Hof Method Fundamentals Workshop in Virginia Beach hosted by Ryan Munsey of The Better Human Project Podcast that several of us from Evolution attended. It was there that we met Instructor Rob Hartman, author of “Hacking Your Nervous System,” and knew we wanted to team up for bringing this one-of-a-kind biohacking event to EVO!

The Wim Hof Method taps into the hidden power of oxygen and cold exposure and rests on three distinct pillars that this workshop will teach you about:

Gradual Cold Exposure

The benefits of the Wim Hof Method include increased energy, boosted immune system, faster recovery and better sleep just to name a few. Learn how exposing your body to cold starts a cascade of health benefits including balanced hormone levels, reduced inflammation, and production of endorphins- the “feel good” chemicals in the brain that naturally elevate your mood.

Space is limited for this special event.
$199 General admission
$179 (discounted price) EVO members, military, first responders and dependents

REGISTRATION: for general and discounted registration use the event link at bit.ly/2xcmrMk.

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