What is IASTM?

IASTM is Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization. There are many types of instruments used for IASTM and the origins of the style of treatment dates back 700-1000 years. The original tools used in Gua Sha treatments were made of buffalo horn. Modern tools are manufactured from a spectrum of materials ranging from plastics to surgical grade stainless steel. A company based in Pennsylvania known as HawkGrips are currently the top of the line tools on the market. HawkGrips are made of state-of-the-art surgical stainless steel and consist of a variety of tools designed for treating specific areas of the human body.

How Does IASTM Work?

IASTM affects the fascial layers of tissue in the human body. Fascia covers the muscles as a whole, wraps individual muscles, separates different compartments of muscles, and can get adhered to itself and to any of the surrounding structures, such as, nerves and blood vessels. These “adhesions” can affect the contractibility of muscles, reduce blood flow – causing a decrease in the oxygenation of tissues, and can lead to the formation of scar tissue. Joint biomechanics can also be affected if the surrounding muscles are scarred down or adhered and their extensibility has become compromised. Chronic joint pain is often caused by adhesions in the fascia of the muscles that surround the affected joint. The joint cannot move correctly if the structures that are above and below the joint cannot move correctly.

Most simply stated, IASTM reduces or eliminates adhesions and scar tissue. By eliminating adhesions within the tissues that form the kinetic chains and biomechanical structures, the body can begin to move optimally. Restoring or increasing blood-flow and oxygenation to the tissues creates a healing environment for damaged or affected structures to be repaired.

IASTM also provides a deeper sense of feedback for the clinician who would otherwise solely be relying on what his/her hands were feeling. This increased feedback often leads to a better understanding of the condition being treated because the various causations are brought to light.

How IASTM is Used at Evolution.

Here at Evolution, we use the very best full platinum set of surgical grade stainless steel tools that Hawk-Grips offers. The results that we have seen both clinically and in increasing sport and movement performance have been paramount.

It is becoming very clear that IASTM is an integral component of the total prevention, rehabilitation and performance spectrum. Evolution’s professionals have combined IASTM with their state-of-the-art functional corrective exercises, performance programming and motor sequencing in cutting edge protocols where the results speak for themselves.



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