Banded Lat Stretch

Banded Pec Stratch (Up)

Banded Pec Stretch (Down)

Banded Trap Masher Mobe

Bench Straddle Stretch

Box Adductor Stretch – Start

Box Adductor Stretch – Stretch

Box Bowstring

Box Hamstring Stretch

Childs Pose (Side)

Childs Pose

Cossacks (Left)

Cossacks (Right)

Couch Stretch

Couch Stretch 2

Foam Roller (Quads & Hips)

Forearm Mobe

Forearm Stretch

Frog Stretch (Side)

Frog Stretch

High Plank

Low Plank

Mobility Ball (Glutes and Hamstrings)

Mobility Ball (Hip Flexors)

Mobility Ball (Neck)

Mobility Ball (Pec)

Mobility Ball (Scapula Alt)

Mobility Ball (Scapula)

Open Book Stretch

Pain Cane Upper Trap Mobe

Piriformis Stretch (Side)

Piriformis Stretch

Pole Hamstring Stretch

Pole Squat (Alt)

Pole Squat

Rig Lat Stretch


Side Plank

Spider Stretch (Side)

Spider Stretch



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400lbs of new D balls and slam balls from Power Systems off the truck! 💪 Who’s ready to MetCon? ... See MoreSee Less

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EVO member Francine and her son sweated it out together in a challenging Tabata workout today which included 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work time/10 seconds of rest time of body weight and dumbbell movements, jumping rope, wall balls, rowing, and more. And if that wasn’t challenging enough, we practiced our balance/stability with single leg stands with EYES CLOSED for 40 seconds!

EVO HIIT Class is open to non-members for a $10 drop-in. Come try out your first class for FREE. Tuesday’s & Thursday’s 8:00am, 11:00am and 6:30pm.
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Ready to make the changes? Come work with certified health coach and personal trainer Maria Colliander Culler at EVO! Maria can help coach you in making sustainable lifestyle adjustments in nutrition, fitness, and mindset necessary to make progress on your goals. Give us a call at 540-550-4358 or email us at to set up your free consult! ... See MoreSee Less

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Just a couple of badass women hanging out after HIIT class in the Spartan training room... #workoutbuddies #evostrong #trainhard #playhard #hiittraining #ocrtraining #winchestergyms #winchesterva #spartantraining #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #sportsperformance #longevity #evolutionhpr ... See MoreSee Less

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Personal training and custom programming are just a few of the expert services we offer here at Evolution Human Performance and Rehabilitation. For those new to strength training or exercise, as well as for the experienced athlete looking to improve sports performance, our E.P.I.C. certified coaches are available for private sessions and coaching. Give us a call at 540-550-4358 to schedule your free consult and get started this summer! Month-to-month gym memberships also available. #evostrong ... See MoreSee Less

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