Banded Lat Stretch

Banded Pec Stratch (Up)

Banded Pec Stretch (Down)

Banded Trap Masher Mobe

Bench Straddle Stretch

Box Adductor Stretch – Start

Box Adductor Stretch – Stretch

Box Bowstring

Box Hamstring Stretch

Childs Pose (Side)

Childs Pose

Cossacks (Left)

Cossacks (Right)

Couch Stretch

Couch Stretch 2

Foam Roller (Quads & Hips)

Forearm Mobe

Forearm Stretch

Frog Stretch (Side)

Frog Stretch

High Plank

Low Plank

Mobility Ball (Glutes and Hamstrings)

Mobility Ball (Hip Flexors)

Mobility Ball (Neck)

Mobility Ball (Pec)

Mobility Ball (Scapula Alt)

Mobility Ball (Scapula)

Open Book Stretch

Pain Cane Upper Trap Mobe

Piriformis Stretch (Side)

Piriformis Stretch

Pole Hamstring Stretch

Pole Squat (Alt)

Pole Squat

Rig Lat Stretch


Side Plank

Spider Stretch (Side)

Spider Stretch



Evolution Human Performance & Rehabilitation is a fitness training facility with an all-encompassing approach to total physical well being. Visit our Facebook page and follow us to keep in touch.

5:30pm class going after those burpee and erg sprints in today’s “Jon Cooper Special” MetCon after a heavier back squat day. Good thing we love our head coach so much! 😬We’re looking forward to max test week coming up before this next 12 week strength cycle! #burpees #metcon #ergsprints #metabolicconditioning @joncoopertime #evostrong #evolutionhpr #winchestergyms ... See MoreSee Less

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Taking time outside of your workout to focus on technique is always time well spent! EVO members this past Saturday took advantage of our “Skill Work Saturday” class where we slow things down a bit and focus on execution of movements. This Saturday was all about breaking down the Deadlift and the Strict Press with Coach Denise. We can’t wait to start our next 12 week strength cycle in just a few weeks! ... See MoreSee Less

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EVO is very excited to welcome Maria Colliander Culler to our team of E.P.I.C 1:1 coaches!! We’ve known Maria for years and can’t wait for you to get to work with her! Maria is now available for scheduling to help you move forward with crushing your fitness, as well as, nutrition/health goals.

Contact us at 540-550-4358 or to schedule your free consultation with Maria.
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Oscillating Kinetic Energy is no joke! EVO Member, Shay works on strengthening his stabilizing muscles and bulletproofing his joints with the use of our flexible bamboo E-Maxx Earthquake series bar. #evostrong ... See MoreSee Less

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EVO will be CLOSED Saturday, April 6th and Sunday, April 7th for a special event with Ryan Munsey.

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