Banded Lat Stretch

Banded Pec Stratch (Up)

Banded Pec Stretch (Down)

Banded Trap Masher Mobe

Bench Straddle Stretch

Box Adductor Stretch – Start

Box Adductor Stretch – Stretch

Box Bowstring

Box Hamstring Stretch

Childs Pose (Side)

Childs Pose

Cossacks (Left)

Cossacks (Right)

Couch Stretch

Couch Stretch 2

Foam Roller (Quads & Hips)

Forearm Mobe

Forearm Stretch

Frog Stretch (Side)

Frog Stretch

High Plank

Low Plank

Mobility Ball (Glutes and Hamstrings)

Mobility Ball (Hip Flexors)

Mobility Ball (Neck)

Mobility Ball (Pec)

Mobility Ball (Scapula Alt)

Mobility Ball (Scapula)

Open Book Stretch

Pain Cane Upper Trap Mobe

Piriformis Stretch (Side)

Piriformis Stretch

Pole Hamstring Stretch

Pole Squat (Alt)

Pole Squat

Rig Lat Stretch


Side Plank

Spider Stretch (Side)

Spider Stretch



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Happy Friday! It’s “Bells & Bucha” at tonight’s 5:30pm class at EVO! 800 kettlebell reps later and we’re off to a great start to the weekend! Now for some homemade kombucha... ... See MoreSee Less

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Oscillating Kinetic Energy is a real thing! EVO members enjoy working on joint and core stabilization and dialing in their form with our Bandbell Earthquake Bar. Just one more way we train functional movement and strength here at EVO! #earthquakebar #functionalstrengthtraining #sportsmedicine #evostrong ... See MoreSee Less

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Tonight’s 5:30pm class! 🔥😅 Great work on those Turkish get-ups tonight too! ... See MoreSee Less

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Maybe if I hang out over here someone will want to pick me up and play with me. 🐾 ... See MoreSee Less

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Evolution Human Performance and Rehabilitation
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130 Windy Hill Lane
Winchester, VA 22602
+1 540 550-4358


Monday – Friday: 6am – 8pm
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